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BDB Synergy Sdn Bhd

BDB Synergy formerly known as Kedah Sato Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1982 through a joint venture between Kedah State Development Corporation (PKNK) and Sato Kogyo Company Ltd.

BDB Synergy currently being a wholly owned subsidiary of Bina Darulaman Berhad (BDB) prides itself as one of the major participants in the engineering and construction sector in Malaysia. BDB Synergy offers a full spectrum of engineering and construction services i.e. from civil and building construction, earthworks and roadworks, maritime infrastructure to waterworks. BDB Synergy, since its inception, has forged a proud track record of delivering major developments and projects across the engineering and construction sector. Among others, BDB Synergy has successfully completed building and civil projects for Leisure and residential developments; Airport, educational, healthcare and potable water supply facilities; and Industrial and civil infrastructures including jetties, roads and bridges.

BDB Synergy’s competitive advantage lies in its decades of experience, civil engineering skillsets and resources that are versatile enough to deliver projects of all sizes innovatively within budget, on time and exceeding clients’ expectations. As a commitment to operational excellence and consistent performance with the core objective of achieving complete stakeholders’ satisfaction, BDB Synergy subscribes to the following industry’s tools and standards in its operations:

  •  Quality Assessment System in Construction (QLASSIC)
  •  ISO 9001:2015
  •  ISO 14001:2015
  •  ISO 45001:2018

BDB Synergy, Building Trust and Creating Value

Water Treatment Plant,


The RM431 million upgrading works on the Water Treatment Plant (“WTP”) or Loji Rawatan Air (“LRA”) Pelubang to resolve water supply disruptions in Kuala Kedah and Kubang Pasu, are on track for completion by 2025, as scheduled.

Upgrading works have been progressing well, with 4.72% of the project’s scope of work already completed. Primarily comprising ground works, this critical phase ensures the stability and durability of the upgraded facility. Upon completion of the upgrading works, the daily production capacity of the WTP Pelubang will increase by over 50%, from the current 247 million litres to 457 million litres. With the support of our technical partners, BDB Synergy remains committed to deliver the project as scheduled.

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) ,


In December 2022, BDB Synergy completed the RM39.8 million contract from the Water, Land and Natural Resources Ministry to undertake construction works under the national non-revenue water (“NRW“) programme in Perlis. The contract duration of 104 weeks, commenced on 20 February 2020. The NRW project has significantly reduced leakages to conserve valuable water resources.

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